Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Story

When I was child, I felt very happy, cause my family was take care of me especially my mom, she always loves me sincere. Besides that, I had many friends. They were take care of me too. They never make a problem out of my disabled. they always also take care of me. We always play together everyday.
Our favourite games in that times are high jump and toy kitten. I always followed that games. But sometimes, I felt is very disappointed, cause my friends never invited me to play marbles, and I always ask them: “why are you never ask me to play marbles?” so they always answered: “cause you are a figurehead, so you don’t have to follow this game.” Oh, their answer were make me sad….

At that moment, I asked my mom:
“why my friends never invite me to play marbles, mom? Whereas I really really want to play marbles”
“cause you are a blind, dear”. my mom answered.
“oh no mom, I can see the sun.” I said. So my mom explain:
“yes my dear child, you can discriminate dark and light only.

I realize that I’m a blind since then, and I never asked my friend to invite me to play marbles, cause I realize that I different with my friends. But nevertheless, I always play with my friends everyday.

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