Thursday, June 19, 2008


yesterday 1 of my friends came to me. she told me about dishonest, she asked me: "Ai, what do you think about dishonest?"
o... i really surprise when she asked like that, but i tried to answer: "i think, dishonest is not good for our life."
after she heard my answer, she was crying, and then, she told me that she's dishonest of her husband. so i asked her: "how and why do you do that?"
she answered: "i go with a man that has much money, cause i need much money! ... yes, i need much money! my husband doesn't have a job, so he can't give
the money for me and my children. i have been trying to find a good job for me, but i have never found. do you know what should i do?"
ooohh .. i touched heard her story. i can't answer her last question, ... really i don't know... actually i wanna help her, but i can't. i'd like to share with you about this problem.
what will you do if u got same problem with my friend? please... help me to get the answer.

thanks before.

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